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The health care industry provides a very promising future for anyone who wants to be part of it . I do and I believe that taking a Masters of Science in Nurse Practitioner would propel me to greater heights in my nursing career .For me , an Advance Nurse Practitioner means someone who is an expert in the nursing field who knows exactly what he /she is doing and knows how to specifically address every patient ‘s needs . An Advance Nurse Practitioner has enough years of experience and hands on training in the nursing department and is open for new learning , no matter how complex the theories and applications maybe .The years that I spent as a nurse at the medical telemetry and critical care units showed me that there is so much to be done in this professional field . For the past seven years of working with patients with heart problems and those who need extensive care , I have seen how the patients and families cope . These lead me to take Masters of Science in Nurse Practitioner so that I can enhance my knowledge and better served the patients and families I worked for .All this time , I am always hoping to become a family nurse practitioner in an acute care setting because I find it challenging and rewarding at the same time . It gives me a sense of fulfilment to see patients and families recover from sometimes critical and hopeless cases . I have proven myself many times that I can work with various types of patients with different needs . My years of trainings and dedication speak of it .I am certain that it is my calling to serve my patients well , and let them know that I am not just their Nurse , but their family too and I definitely care for them .Once accepted , I want to complete my master ‘s degree in nursing on time .It is an opportunity I have been looking forward to . I fervently hope that you will approve my application for admission to the Masters of Science in Nurse Practitioner…

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