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Friend Vs. Family Member (Comparison & Contrast Essay)

Your first name and surname Your instructor ‘s name Course title Due date Friend Vs . Family Member Everyone dreams to have a dear companion . Some find the companionship with the family members . Some find it with friends . There are needs and wants that only a family member or a friend could give . For example , you are in need money or other material things , your family will be the first ones to provide it for you . In addition to that , your family is in charge in the preparation of your meal ,household management and the like . When you need someone to talk to and your parents are busy working and your brothers and sisters are busy with studying or doing other things , it is a friend that you should call . Friends , outside of family bonds , can be our greatest comfort and allies . When it comes to keeping a secret , it is the job of a friend .Friends accept us for who we are . They listen when we need someone to talk to . They share the same interest and they are not afraid to tell what ‘s on their mind . Most of the times , we cannot share the secret to the other members of the family because they might react negatively on that matter . It is best to keep it with friends . Friends help us to adjust in a different environment just like in school . According to a study done by Buote , results indicated a significant positive relation between quality of new friendships and adjustment to university this association was stronger for students living in residence than for those commuting to university . The interview data provided insight into the processes through which the relation between quality of new friendships and adjustment occurs .Results are discussed in terms of the importance of new friendships in helping individuals to adjust to a new social environment . Friends may also help you live longer than your family . According to the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health , researchers suspect that friends may influence people to engage in more healthy behavior ,such as not smoking or not drinking too much friends may also help boost people ‘s self-esteem . Close friends may get the “longevity nod “because they are islands of love outside of the bickering , resentments and subtle abuses that occur all too often within many families . On the other hand ,there are characteristics that only a family member can do and have . A person is connected to a family member through blood and relation . Accidents may happen and a donor closest to your preferences are your family . You could also solve a family problem like being scolded by constantly communicating with your family . Through communication we can correct bad behavior and internalize rules of good behavior within the family . By the time we are born , our family is with us . Our parents and the other family members guide us through our helplessness as a baby and continuously provides things and advices so that we will be resilient…

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