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Good cancer pain management can help patients feel better?

Research question : Good cancer pain management can help patients feel better ?Most cancer patients suffer from pain in varying degrees during their illness . The management of this pain and its relationship in improving the wellbeing of the patient is the primary focus of this study . This paper approached the study by researching articles that dealt with pain management from different angles . After critical analysis of these articles this paper will arrive at a conclusion that addresses the research question . The topics reviewed included :The use of a clinical instruction module (CLIM ) for hospice nurses to upgrade their skills (Plymale , M . et al , 2001 )The role of cognition in promoting the psychological well being of the patient (Chen , Mei-Ling . 2002 )The use of pain management autobiographies to discover how best to deal with pain management (Schumacher , K . et al . 2001 ) Overcoming patient related barriers to pain management by educating them (Chang , Ming-Chuan . 2002 )Providing a description of advanced cancer pain in home hospice subjects to enable the caregivers to alleviate their suffering (Dobratz , M . 2001 )The material for this study was searched from the University of Wollongong database of Medline . The key words in the search for journal articles were nursing , research and cancer pain . Articles were chosen for their relevance to the research question and the findings they came up with . Information that was obtained from these studies enabled the writer to draw important conclusions as concerns pain management in cancer patients with pain .The research is of extreme importance to the writer . I lost my husband to cancer . The trauma we all went through watching him in pain gave me a new impetus to do all in my power to ensure that no other patient will need to go through the same suffering as he did . As I continue to practice , I would like to contribute to breaking new ground in pain management in cancer patients especially as concerns alleviating their pain and improving their quality of life .Article 1 In an article entitled `Cancer Pain Education : A Structured Clinical Instruction Module For Hospice Nurses , appearing in the journal `Cancer Nursing ` ,Plymale M . et al (2001 ) studied the effect of pain education on the quality of service by caregivers . The research aimed to determine whether educating nurses on pain management will improve their ability to assess and manage pain in cancer patients . A clinical instruction module (CLIM ) based on cancer pain management and assessment skills was administered to 25 hospice nurses whose average field practice was 4 .1 years (Plymale M . et al . 2001 , p . 424 .The course involved the nurses going round 8 stations focussing on different aspects of cancer pain ,assessing 5 cancer survivors and one actor . They carried out tests on various aspects of pain management . Prior to and after the exercise the nurses self assessed their skills in pain management using a 5-point Likert scale ranging from 1 (not competent ) to 5 (very competent . They also evaluated the CLIM on a similar scale (1…

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