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The negative image of nursing in media affects real life nursing

THE NEGATIVE IMAGE OF NURSING IN MEDIA The Negative Image Of Nursing In Media Affects Real Life Nurses Abstract This paper discusses the affect of the media on the public opinion about the professions of the nursing field practice . The writer claims that the media , in general , depicts a negative image due to the ignorance of the field . Much of the daily details that the nurses must do and do so above and beyond their limits remain behind the closed curtains and thus unknown to the public at large . To the contrary , evey and unique case of nurses criminals become sensationalized that , at the same time , create a certain image . To add , the traditional stereotype of the nursing as female and nurturing profession and its affect on the male practitioners are also discussed . The paper is concluded with the general description of the primary responsibilities that on the daily list of every nurse professional . The discourse of any profession by the public media warps the accurate nature of it and creates the sense of ambiguity . Media reporters are known to use hyped adjectives to draw the public ‘s attention , and , as the result , their reports lack in clarity , are full of fuzziness , and double-meaning definitions . When the reporters attempt to describe any type of profession they either are doing so from manipulative causes ,sensationalism , or a negative input /opinion . It is a rare occasion when a media representative would report about a professional from the pure informational standpoint . The public life through the media becomes sensationalized pure and accurate information does not bring ratings .Thus , the causes are more directed toward entertainment rather than information . Besides , representations of the media are too liberal , too critical , and too manipulative . Through the public ‘s reaction , the media is glorified and exaggerated . The contemporary media presentation of nursing as an occupation warps the public image . The professional roles that are portrayed do not represent reality and often appear to be artificial . In general ,stereotyping and media influence are responsible on how a typical consumer views people in occupation . The constant stream of negative occurrences shaped the model of the public image . For example , Evans and Frank (2003 ) reported on the lopsided common opinion about the gender orientation in the nursing profession . They claim that the public image of the profession as being female dominated is primarily caused by the media input . In their argument , one can find that the lives of male nurses doing “women ‘s work ‘ are often mentioned and if mentioned , such depiction is often cursory and broadcast a negative connotation . Indeed , it is difficult to locate the informational , experiential , and accurate depiction of the work of male nurses . These particular authors interviewed eight male registered nurses to compare their opinions with the generally placed public image caused by the broadcast media .Certainly , the media would not consider the advantages that male nurses would bring into the field , and quite to the contrary , the media would search for the negative aspects…

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