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describe the process of carbohydrate digestion and absorption in the human GI tract and why does carbohydrate malabsorption occur? outline potential dietary regimens to overcome these conditions.

Name Institution Instructor Course Code Date CARBOHYDRATE DIGESTION AND ABSORPTION Every activity in human beings requires energy and Carbohydrates being energy giving provide this energy , since the metabolic processes are continuous , this energy also needs to be replaced . The simpler forms of carbohydrates are called sugars which are divided into two groups :monosaccharide and disaccharides , the more complex forms are called starches and fibers which are divided into polysaccharides and fibers (Gray G .M . 827-828 . Carbohydrates in their complex forms can not be absorbed until they are broken down to simpler sugars (monosaccharide .The process of digestion begins in the mouth and this is where saliva plays a vital role , saliva contains enzymes that accelerate chemical reactions that aid into breaking down polysaccharides and disaccharides to monosaccharide . The food then passes to the stomach where stomach enzymes and acids destroy the salivary enzymes , a process that halts digestion for a while until when the food gets into the small intestines , this whole process is called peristalsis (Johnson , L .R Byrne , J .H .531-534 .In the small intestines , the pancreatic enzymes and the acids further break down the polysaccharides further into disaccharides , those that are completely broken down are consumed together with maltose (a form of simple sugar ) into the membranes of the intestinal cells . Maltose ,fructose and sucrose (simple sugars but from different sources of carbohydrates ) are all broken down into glucose since in this form , it ‘s easily absorbed (Dahlqvist , A Borgstrom B .411-418 . This monosaccharide since in simpler…

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