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Arnold and Toplady

Arnold and Toplady Arnold and Toplady Introduction For time eternal , the Holy Bible has been a source of comfort ,inspiration and moral direction for scores of people from different walks of life and if nothing else , a faith that held some universal similarities among the many religious persuasions , but also a fair amount of difference in approach and Biblical interpretation . Such is the case when discussing Matthew Arnold and AM Toplady , two individuals who devoted their lives to religious pursuits , but likewise had a great deal of difference between them . With their respective similarities and differences in mind , this research will compare and contrast the two individuals in an effort to better understand both of them .Arnold and Toplady in Comparison and Contrast It was from the intellectual circles of Victorian England that Matthew Arnold emerged , eventually becoming a professor of poetry at the esteemed Oxford University and ultimately embarking upon a worldwide lecture tour , during which his works of poetry were shared with tens of thousands of people (Bayne , 1893 . Aside from his academic and literary achievements , however , the faith , or more correctly the lack of it which shaped his early years undoubtedly shaped the direction of his poetry .By many accounts , Arnold , early in his life , abandoned not only organized religion but a belief in God altogether , embracing a strong belief that he , and indeed no one , could in fact establish the existence of God , and as such , he was forced to conclude that God did not exist…

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