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Compare and Contrast Berger and Bordo

[Name of the writer] [Name of the institution] [Date] Compare and Contrast Berger and Bordo Introduction :The paper presents a comparison between two books , Ways of Seeing and Beauty (Re ) discovers the Male Body . Both books cover a common feature ,i .e . the human body .Ways of Seeing by John Berger :The massive amount of approach methodologies to be recommended by “Ways of Seeing ‘ is revealed in its work of art – if that is the expression .Even though consisting of a number of compositions , together spoken in addition to completely illustrative , Berger unambiguously recommends the person who reads , the book commences in a fanciful and inspirational approach previously on the book ‘s cover , to go all the way through them in no matter what order he desires , his most important endeavor simply being to raise queries . This to a certain extent changeable methodology rather difficult to understand the combine – and without doubt unsettle – subject of the work : as an alternative of investigating what ability does to us , it inquires about what we – as audience , opponents ,customers , proprietors and consumers – are doing to art . It is regarding the traditions in which art provides to legitimize , maintain and cover up societal dissimilarity . The fundamental characteristics are :category , sexual characteristics and consumerism .To position the juncture for his learning that expressively is restricted to representative illustrations Berger initially releases the conventional approach of art ‘s olden times as disorientation .Conceptions of aesthetics – and in exacting those of composition – he disagrees , have included…

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