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Describe the environment in which you were raised – your family, neighborhood or community and how it influenced the person you are.`

They say that there is no place like home . I could not agree more .Simplicity and respectfulness towards others are the key characteristics that I believe I have acquired in my home . Although at this point in my life I have been living long enough in the United States for it not to be foreign for me , I know deep inside my heart my home is still with Tibet .My parents have built a home that is affectionate , cozy , and has faith .We moved here in the United State when I was three years old , but to me it did not seem like I moved away from my motherland . My parents made it a point that I still develop and possess Tibetan characteristics that will make me stronger and impenetrable to unwanted experiences .My parents taught me that even though life is hard , as they were immigrants trying to adapt the American way of life , they will get by if they have the support of family . They never kept anything from me . I learned of their hardships and I kept these experiences with me . I wanted to learn how to adapt to the new environment myself and with my parent ‘s experiences as my guide .Seeing how my parents flourished in spite and despite of the challenges they faced everyday made me believe that nothing is impossible with faith and determination . Just like my parents , I am determined to be successful and to overcome any obstacles that I face . I…

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