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Different conceptions of deity and sacre power

Author ___________ Professor __________ Different Conceptions of Deity and Sacred Power Throughout history and all across the different races of men and their equally varying cultural codes , ethnic and social beliefs , there have also been a varying conceptions of Deity and Sacred or Divine Powers .All kinds of gods and goddesses : their origins and attributes their powers and characteristics their stories in myths , legends and fables have all shown a diversity and paradoxically , a unity as well . The diversity stems from the varying beliefs about life and nature , which includes culture , climate , weather , other natural phenomena , and the environment around the people who originated such beliefs . James Livingston , in his book Anatomy of the Sacred : An Introduction to Religion , have enumerated these conceptions of the Divine and the Sacred Power from polytheism , pantheism , dualism , and monotheism , among others .Such characters have included gods of thunder and lightning , mother goddesses , entire pantheons of gods and goddesses , and more . And surprisingly , there is an underlying unity in these conceptions . For they all point to the inherent goodness of the Divine , as well as Its Ultimate omnipotence and immortality . What are these conceptions , and what are their characteristics ? Let us tackle each and provide examples . Firstly , there is polytheism . This is the belief in the multiplicity of gods and goddesses . It shows that Divine Powers are not limited to one being , but divided in many . The gods and goddesses of polytheistic religions each have specific powers and characteristics , and each can be invoked…

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