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ethics and how it relates to respiratory care

Running Head : Ethics and how it relates to Respiratory Care University Course Tutor Date Ethics define the way individuals do the things they do . Ethics in professions refer to the rules by which the individuals in that profession are supposed to comply with in their practice . Most professionals that involve have a set of rules that are a formal system that govern the way concerned professionals should do their work (Beckett Maynard , 2005 . Ethics exist so as to prevent the professionals from using their profession to hurt or exploit the individuals they are attending to . Examples of fields that have ethics are teaching , law medicine amongst several others . Being unethical implies that one is not professional as they are not following what their discipline expects of them . Ethics do not stand alone in governing the way professionals go about their work , principles must be involved (Beckett Maynard , 2005 . Principles determine whether or not a professional will ethically (Koehn , 1999 . Another aspect of ethics is responsibility . One has to understand the consequences of their actions before they act . This is in spite of one ‘s principles .Ethics go hand in hand with values which refer to the rules one uses in deciding between wrong or bad and right /good (Beckett Maynard , 2005 .Values are what make individuals do or not do certain things . An individual is able to determine on what is useful hence more important and what is not of important using their values . Ethics also depend on morals which…

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