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fruit of the spirit

Running Head : Fruit of the Spirit Fruit of the Spirit ( Your Name ( Your School )Fruit of the spirit As Christians we need to understand what Holy Spirit is all about , the Holy Spirit also called the Holy Ghost is the spirit of God . The name Christ meaning anointed also refers to the Holy Spirit . The Fruit of the Holy Spirit is a concept which Christ talks about in the New Testament especially in Galatians chapter five where He mentions the different fruit of the Holy Spirit ( Gal 5 :19-23 ) as “ .love , joy , peace ,patience , kindness , goodness , faithfulness , gentleness and self control ‘ In reference to Galatians the Lord relates to an end product which someone is suppose to observe .As Christians we need to observe these in our everyday lives , we need to love those who are not well , our friends and our families . This love should be unconditional as the bible states the virtues of love in 1cor .13 :4-8a . We also need to show joy and peace to our friends also . Joy is the inner happiness of a person and if it is exercised the bible tells us it will fulfill other fruits of the Holy Spirit . At times we have friends and families whom are sick or lame , we need to endure to them i .e . exercise the fruit of patience . We also need to have self control inorder not to hurt our friends when they annoy us , and kindness should be also a fruit we need…

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