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Jordanian culture and individualism

Jordanian Culture and Individualism Jordanian Culture and Individualism – 1 It is arguable – particularly by Americans themselves – that the type of “rugged individualism ‘ that is often attributed to American culture is something to be admired . It is perhaps more of an image than a reality ,promulgated by a commercial corporate media primarily as a sales tool as well as “action movies ‘ with actors such as the late John Wayne ,Sylvester Stallone and others . In her essay “Individualism as an American Cultural Value ‘ Thai author Poranee Natadecha-Sponsel notes that such “rugged individuality ‘ is a trait that American parents attempt to instill in their children from an early age . The fact that many middle-class American children often have the luxury of a bedroom of their own , American teenagers have access to an automobile (if they do not own one outright ) and even American eating customs in which each individual has his /her own dish or set of dishes – these are all indicative of the value which Americans place on appearance of “individuality (even if this is more image than substance , and in fact may be a luxury that the relative wealth of Americans permit (Natadecha-Sponsel , 2002 . In Arab culture such as is practiced in Jordan , one may find some of the superficialities of American culture the angry young Muslim demonstrating against American imperialism may be wearing Nike tennis shoes and carry an Apple i-Pod upon which he is listening to American “rap ‘ music . Nonetheless , traditional Arab culture centers strongly around the clan , or…

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