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Laura Ingalls Wilder

LAURA INGALLS WILDER Literature plays an important role in enlightening individuals regarding the situation of their society . These written works substantially help an individual to know more about his or her history .This function of literary works is very essential because knowing an individual ‘s history will serve as a basis for him or her to understand the present and plans things for the future . In relation to this ,literary works is also a form of expression . This is an outlet or a channel for authors to voice out their opinion about things and even reveals their own personal feelings . In doing so , these authors are given the opportunity to make a commentary about the society during the particular time that they lived and even analyzed past events and make their predictions about the future . Nevertheless , the most vital contribution that these literary works has is the way which they could inform the readers of different things and events that happened , are happening , and will likely to happen . In relation to these , there are indeed notable authors that have tremendously contributed in enlightening the general public about important subjects and pressing issues that are taking place in the society . More so , it is indeed very admirable especially for some authors who were able to capture the concerns during their time but was able to write it in a way that transcends the boundary of time . These kinds of literary pieces can be regarded as something that is still applicable during…

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