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Major contributions of Hebrew Culture to modern Western Civilization

[author] [class] [professor] [date] Hebrew Contribution to Western Civilization The interest in contextualizing the role of Jewish legacy in history has been a task of both Jews and non-Jews , and with the resurging anti-Semitic attitude throughout history , this task has taken a political dimension . In 1940 , during the height of Jewish persecution in Europe , Cecil Roth published a book entitled “Jewish Contribution to Civilization ‘ and wrote in its preface that the analysis of Jewish role in history was imperative as a rejection of claims by modern anti-Semites that , in its two thousand year existence , the role of the Jews , the “alien excrescence on Western life , had been nothing but “entirely negative , if not deleterious (9 .The legacy of the Hebrew culture to the Western world is a peculiarity of history . This small , nomadic tribe in Middle East has made an impact in Western civilization that to this day remains to be felt in different areas of our modern lives . Hebrew culture figures greatly in the shaping of Western civilization that it is accounted to be one of the three influences – along with Renaissance and the Greeks – that fostered the success and world-wide expansion of Western civilization (Stern . The Jews , considered to be an unimportant small nation in the Near East , has contributed to the foundations of Western religion , morality , politics ,literature , and scientific progress .Eveline Goodman-Thau asserts that although Jewish culture borrowed from foreign influences , considering the itinerant lifestyle of its people ,it can be observed that as Jewish thought…

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