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nonrational escalation of commitment.

Nonrational Escalation of Commitment If decision-makers fail to take caution , they might end up yielding to their emotional biases to escalate commitment , especially in difficult situations (Drucker et al , 2001 . When things are not proceeding as planned in a high stakes activity , there is greater urgency for the parties with something to lose to proceed with the course of action with the hope of achieving the intended outcomes (Greitemeyer , Schulz-Hardt Frey , 2008 . Outcomes of escalation of commitment could lead to either success or failure . The escalation of commitment should be rational to secure benefits (Hammond , Keeney Raiffa , 2002 . In a discussion with co-workers , a situation emerged reflecting the nonrational escalation of commitment by a former store manager and the impact of this on the business , a newly opened fusion restaurant . Faced with three-months of low sales and pressure to triple sales in the next quarter , the manager considered two options . One is to change and diversify the menu . The other is to advertise at the local television network . The manager opted for advertising since he believed that limited public exposure of the restaurant was the root of low sales . It was apparent that the manager felt strong pressure to turnaround sales to avert the risk of termination . The decision involved high stakes on the part of the manager to create the potential for impression management bias . This is the propensity for commitment escalation to establish a positive impression on the boss even if pursuing this is irrational (Bazerman , 2002 ) Escalation…

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