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The causes and effects of energy shortages

Energy Crisis [Your teacher name comes here] [Department] [College /University] [Date] Energy Crisis Thesis : Energy is mother of all the resources because it is used in exploiting other resources and energy crisis can lead to a shortage of other resources also which may induce a shock in an economy . An energy crisis is a situation when a blockage occurs in the supply of energy resources . Energy crisis may refer to a shortage of oil which may lead to power breakdown and power breakdown can be as hazardous to an economy as any thing . Electricity shortage , oil crisis and petroleum crisis are all types of energy crisis .Cause 1 : Over-consumption of the resources and ageing infrastructure can be a cause of energy crisis .Effect 1 : With the time because of over-consumption there will be no oil and eventually oil-dependant economies like U .S and China will collapse .Cause 2 : In Addition to that , Fuel supply is also very necessary for any economy a blockage in fuel supply can lead to energy crisis .Effect 2 : Electricity generation plants can stop working because of the blockage in fuel supply .Cause 3 : This is happened a hundred times that militants have damaged oil-pipelines in Iraq and Iran , the whole infrastructure is damaged .Effect 3 : With damaged infrastructure there will be no transportation of oil from one country to another .Cause 4 : Routine severe weather conditions can also block the oil pipelines .Effect 4 : Because of the blockage of oil supply consumers can also suffer…

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