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The Moral Obligations of Living in a Democratic Society

Name of Student Professor Course Institution Date A Prisoner of Hope Cornell West delivered a very interesting discussion about the role of democracy in modern America . In his essay , The Moral Obligations of Living in a Democratic Society , West has stressed that America is in a constant struggle for principles and values that has supported the foundations of democracy . He believes that the country is experiencing a great deal of conflict in terms of how the society deals with the socio-cultural , political and spiritual aspects of tradition . West further supports this claim with his view of how culturally eroded Americans are as a people (209 . One of the things he pointed out was the dichotomy of race , echoing Du Bois ‘ statement of race as a fetishzation problem . West elaborates that Americans are continually trapped in the misconceptions surrounding its culturally diverse history . He expressed that while the foundations of democracy has led to the creation of equal rights among American citizens regardless of race , authority figures still carry several preconceived notions about other races that hinders peaceful co-existence (210 .Americans are always in constant fear and doubt because of their inability to communicate well with each other . West has stressed that “Dialogue is said to be the lifeblood of democracy and is predicated on certain bonds of trust ‘ One cannot fully comprehend the root of the miscommunication if there is a lack of trust and respect . This is fairly observable in American society today , especially after the 9 /11 attack…

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