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The Most Important characteristics of a great leader and explain why such characteristics lead to effective leadership?

Some people are born leaders yet most are formed into one . A great leader , I believe , is one who knows how to listen more than he knows how to speak . Add to this focus , motivation , confidence , good communication skills , a calm attitude , and trust and respect and we end up with a good and effective leader . A good leader has focus – he knows the team ‘s goal and is aware of which path would best lead him to it . He thinks logically and analytically , divides tasks among mates and leads them to successfully finishing the assigned task . Another important characteristic of a great leader is that of having motivation . He is enthusiastic in attaining the team ‘s goals and is consistently hard working , dedicated and passionate in his tasks . He sets a good example to his mates and leads them into outdoing even their very own selves . An effective leader is also confident rather than arrogant . He knows he is capable yet does not boast about it . He strives to improve himself knowing he is not perfect .The fourth characteristic which I think a good leader should have is the ability to speak and to listen . This is very important because good communication skills set apart a good leader from the rest . He knows how to speak with his mates he encourages them , inspires them , listens to their opinions and suggestions and stands firm when needed . A calm attitude is also a requirement . When things go rough , mates seek for…

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