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What does `service to others` mean to you?

What Does “Service to Others ‘ Mean To You ? People have to do what is dictated by their hearts , like an act of benevolence or charity , in order to gain fulfillment and satisfaction .Such acts fall and lie under “service ‘ Service is a word that has become a very common term due to its usage in everyday life through human history . Personally , service to others possesses various and different faces and folds depending on one ‘s comprehension and intention . It is not just a mere act of volunteerism rather it is an act that holds principles and objectives . It is an act of serving and helping for the benefits and welfare of others without asking anything in return . However , the volunteer or the giver needs not to only give rather , he or she has to keep in mind the Biblical passage where Jesus says , “Come , follow me and I will teach you how to fish ‘When extending service to others , the volunteer or the giver has to make it a point that the given service and help is hopefully a sustainable one , not short-term . It is also of vital importance that the service has to have an impact to the people being helped out . People lend a hand to be able to empower people and to aid , support and help them become self-reliant and not dependent to one ‘s help .Service to others is also an act of sharing one ‘s knowledge , skills ,wealth and even one ‘s self to others…

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