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Activities that relieve stress

Running Head : GARDENING TO REDUCE STRESS Gardening to Reduce Stress (Your Name (Your School )Introduction Stress can really weigh down on our life and limit our activeness . There are many ways that one can use to manage the high level of stress . One of the most effective ways is to burn up that stress . One will do something , whether conscious of it or not as a way of draining the tension in every day life . These activities may involve physical and mental exertion or engaging in a pleasurable activity . However it should be noted that the activity that one use to burn away tension are usually unique and very idiosyncratic to an individual person . It is therefore important for every one to try and find out which activity can be considered as a stress releaser . In this paper we are going to illustrate gardening as one of those activities which can be successfully used to manage stress .Gardening In our daily life , many of us garden because we have to grow and produce our own fruits , vegetables , and other types of foods . Other will do so for economic activities . In our home compound , we may do gardening to create an attractive landscape where we can sit with our friends and relax .However gardening , regardless of the purpose with which it is done can be therapeutic . It is used as a way of fighting and relieving tension in our life . For some of use grading can relax our mind , body , and spirit .However we should understand that it is not gardening that is relaxing our mind , but it is the way we approach it . Once gardening is taken as a chore , it cannot effectively relax our bodies and mind but it turns out to be stressing . To relieve stress with gardening , it should be viewed as an enjoyable activity .While gardening , focusing on the main activity that one is undertaking or the activity at hand is the key to relieve stress and relax the body . The continuous gardening activities like digging , chopping , and to an extent hitting motions are also key to relieve stress and tension in life . There are also strenuous activities in gardening which act as an outlet for aggression and consequently wades of the aggression burning in our body which can be a cause of stress and anxiety .However it is not only strenuous activities which can relieve stress in gardening . Just taking a simple walk around the garden can be sufficient for others to take away their stress . When you take a walk around the garden , ensure that you take in all the available colors , textures , and fragrances available . This will give you a different experience from that of your house or your usual workplace . By the time you complete your walk around the garden you should be feeling better .If you want to relieve stress through gardening , take into consideration the following points :Make a “to do ‘ list which should be short so that you can…

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