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a comparison/contrast essay about the roles of male and females in society.

A Comparison / Contrast Essay about the Roles of Males and Females in the Society .Introduction Society , as it is factually based on the components of individual human beings , has its own views and culture that have been dominantly established . Since the birth of the most ancient civilization , there is already the existence of the most influential social disparity and system of stratification particularly in the two most general groups in the human civilization namely the gender-based classification .Throughout the ages of civilization ‘s gradual yet continuous development , the difference regarding the social views and norms pertaining to the gender-based classification remained to be significantly dominant in the society affecting the people ‘s social responsibilities and roles . Thus , the gender issue indeed became a major concept affecting the society ‘s development as a whole . The gender issue has affected the society in general in many aspects such as in the establishment of the political system , economic responsibilities and the concepts of the general social roles and responsibilities . It is very much evident that the dominant social views and norms have created a conceptual guidelines and framework that designated the basic roles and responsibilities of the people in the society in accordance to their gender . In the tradition view , these guidelines for the roles and responsibilities are important as they organize the tasks important for the development of the civilization in relation to the abilities of each gender group . However though ,contemporary views have designated these gender roles to be insignificant as they only delimit the capabilities of an individual to his or her respective gender group . Yet , the public views regarding social roles based from gender still remains as a dominant theme in the society significant to the harmonious existence and relationship between the gender groups of males and females .Comparison and Contrast of Gender Roles Society , since its primitive state , has already established social roles and responsibilities based from the people ‘s gender . For males ,they are commonly viewed and regarded as the breadwinner of the family institutions thus , making the economic and financial roles widely dominated by them . Because of this , males are commonly the ones responsible for secular work to provide the necessities of the family .Another dominant view is that the political system particularly the role of leadership and administrative and corporate management have also been given to the male group as they are viewed to be more competent on the mentioned fields . Historically , the political world has been established base on the male personal nature of being aggressiveness and dominating thus adding up to the concept of manifesting as the “men ‘s world .iBecause of these views , women have encountered many difficulties and challenges in trying to be acknowledge in the said fields partly because of the discrimination and the social norms . Women on the other hand , have been established to handle the domestic responsibilities in the society . They are expected to handle all of the household chores and the rearing of children mainly in their…

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