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Aristotle on Friendship (book 8 and 9)

(Name (Professor (Subject )xx May 2007 Friendship According to the Nicomachean Ethics Introduction The Nicomachean Ethics was written by ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle in 350 B .C (Ross . The work discusses a variety of topics ,including friendship and virtue (Kilcullen . It has been a standard reference for anyone who wants to study relevant theories on friendship and ethical or moral philosophy . Friendship , generally considered as the English equivalent of the Greek concept known as philia , was a popular subject of inquiry among the ancient Greek philosophers (Annas 532 . Indeed , both Plato and Aristotle gave more than adequate treatment to the topic of friendship (Annas 532 . Thus , Plato wrote extensively about friendship in one of his earliest dialogues , which was entitled Lysis (Annas 532 . The Lysis was one of Plato ‘s inconclusive dialogues , and it tells of a scene where Socrates seeks to understand the notion of friendship by asking question from self confessed friends Lysis and Menexenus (Annas 532 . On the other hand , Aristotle discussed his concept of friendship in his work entitled Nicomachean Ethics (Annas 532 . Annas , in her article entitled Plato and Aristotle on Friendship and Altruism , declared that Aristotle himself had Plato ‘s concept in mind when he wrote the Nicomachean Ethics (Annas 532 . Aristotle discussed friendship in Books VIII and XI of the Nicomachean Ethics (Annas 532 . Annas hazards the assumption that Aristotle ‘s discussion in these two books of the Nicomachean Ethics is the latter version of his discussion in Book VII of the Eudemon Ethics (Annas 532 . The respective treatments of Aristotle and Plato on the concept of friendship differ , for while Plato ‘s Lysis was written as prose and in a disjointed fashion (Annas 532 . Aristotle ‘s discussion was self-contained and organized , which appears as though prepared separately (Annas 532 . Aristotle ‘s treatment of friendship as a concept is especially interesting because it appears as an attempt on his part to solve the limitations or inconsistencies found in his mentor , Plato ‘s earlier works (Annas 532 .The Value of Friendship At the outset , Aristotle showed his appreciation of the concept of friendship . The beginning of Book VIII consisted of a list of reasons why friendship is an important element in a person ‘s life (Ross . For example , Aristotle writes that friendship is important to have ,regardless of the kind of life lived by a person , whether as a poor or affluent person (Ross . Indeed , Aristotle finds friendship so valuable that he claims even parents and nations would benefit from it (Ross .Definition of Friendship Aristotle defined friendship as the state when two persons bear and wish goodwill to each other (Ross . He adds that this mutual feeling must be made known to each other , such that each recognizes the other ‘s wish for him (Ross . Aristotle likewise makes an association between friendship and love , but clarifies that there different kinds of love ,which may not involve friendship (Ross . For example , Aristotle explains that a person ‘s love towards an inanimate object does not…

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