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John Dewey and Maria Montessori

Name :Subject :Professor :Date :Comparison between Dewey and Montessori In the United States , Montessori is not as popular as Dewey . The name “Montessori ‘ is seen on textbooks . It was learned in educational theory . Because of this , Montesorri is often studied as part of history .This does not mean , though , that Montesorri has not done enough to be recognized today (Enright 21 . The Montesorri System Examined is here to blame – a book that , however small , is extremely influential – for it failed to mention Montessori as much as it mentioned the Progressive Method of Education of John Dewey .The book was published by Professor William Heard Kilpatrick in 1914 (Enright 26 . During this time , too , Kilpatrick was shining as a professor at the Columbia University . It was because of his influence and popularity how the lessons he taught to students became popular . He was more focused on studying Dewey than Montesorri (Enright 21 .Montesorri vs . Dewey The approach of Montesorri and Dewey to education was both done in different perspectives . It was through psychological and philosophical approach . Dewey was focused on enhancing social relationship . He was also concentrating on human imagination and developing it . According to Dewey , it remains highly significant that the development of a human being be maximized while he is still a child . If not , then other factors that contribute to the development of a human being might be stifled if done too late (Enright 22 . Montesorri , on the other hand , believed social relationships are enhanced and imagination is…

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