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sexual morality and the concept of using another person

Sexual morality and the concept of using another person : Thomas A .Mappes Speech Friends !We are gathered to discuss a topic of intense Historical and philosophical appeal ,namely – ` sexual morality ` . The German philosopher , Immanuel Kant said , “ Treat humanity never simply as a means , but always at the same time as an end . It is a Kantian principle that it is morally wrong for a person to use other person . “ Thomas Mappes has extended Kant ‘s views to sexual morality – the concept of individual sexual consent . He advocates that sexual relations are morally permissible if they occur with the free and informed consent of the participants . The concept of wrongness of `sexual exploitation `is the hallmark of his philosophical perspectives . His study examines just when sexual relations become an abuse . He cites the example of misinformation ,deception , pressure and coercion as acts that can poison sexual relations and make a person being used by other .The problem boils down to the issue of voluntary informed consent . He quotes an example from biomedical ethics i .e . that of patient autonomy . Supreme court justice Cardozo had made an affirmation , “ Every human being of adult years and sound mind has a right to determine what shall be done with his own body ‘ Another example can be quoted from the field of medicine i .e . of using alive human bodies for biomedical research . Neither deception nor coercion is moral in this case . The subject of research should be well informed about the implications of research on his body .He should also not be compelled to participate in the research .Lying ,withholding information or misrepresentation are forms of deception . A person can be guilty of using another person if he indulges in any of these forms of deception . Whereas coercion can be dispositional , occurrent or attempted coercion . In case of dispositional coercion the victims consent is not bypassed but only coerced .Occurrent coercion is limited to the cases of forcible rape . An example of attempted coercion is a case of threat of bodily harm where the victim refuses to concede .Sexual coercion is not only a legal offence but also morally wrong . It is equivalent to using a person . The issue of sexual morality is also a topic of intense debate in public and political life in contemporary Western society . Issues like gay rights and same sex marriages have predominated American electoral debates . There is a thin line where consent becomes an abuse . Just where to draw a line is the million dollar question ? Thus in cases of sex related offences the trials become controversial . The judgment going in favor of the accused because law gives the benefit of doubt to the accused . In conclusion it is reasonable to say that although the definitions of sexual morality will keep changing with the coming generations it is always better to be democratic while formulating rules and legislations . The wishes of the majority and the aspirations of the minority should be taken into…

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