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adverse impact caused by activist judges on the American political system

Name Institution Course Tutor Date Activist Judges on the American Political system Introduction In the Kelo vs . the city of New London case the decision made was that the municipal development statute that was behind the taking of the land was correct as it was part of projects of economic development i .e .public use of property for the best public interest .Implication of the decision This decision is such that if it is taken as a precedent in future cases , private property can be confiscated by the government under the guise of economic development and given to other is seen as a contravention of the rights guaranteed in the American constitution which guarantee the sanctity to personal property .According to David Forte , Many problems come up in the relation of the judicial system and political system in the United States (Forte 1 . The justices who dissented to the ruling were guided by this principle concerning private one of the justices who dissented to the ruling is Justice O ‘Connor whose views as a Supreme Court justice have been dissented to in many circles . Her liberal views on federalism ,affirmative action gender , religion etc have been the source of controversies . Together with her were other four dissenting justices who were guided by justice for the citizens . This is partly to be found in a pragmatic approach to issues of jurisprudence . In the midst of all the controversy surrounding this decision of the Supreme Court is the fact that dissentions are…

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