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Analytic Essay/ Critical Literature Review

Review Article : What is Policy Convergence and What Causes It ?by Colin J . Bennett With recent economic trends gearing more towards globalization , it is becoming more and more apparent that individual corporations can no longer act solely on their interests . Moreover , there is increasing pressure to focus on the overall results and yet adopt best practices for specific operational concerns that would contribute to the achievement of the desired bottom line . On a certain level , such a trend in corporations can likewise be applied to political concerns that would affect the policy making competencies of certain states . International relations no longer stop at the doorstep of a country ‘s next door neighbor . Mutual concerns are no longer limited to immediate boundaries .In fact , these boundaries are slowly being eroded . The concept of a preferred partner is becoming obsolete as new players with better resources regardless of geographical distance get into the fray .Globalization has broken down barriers and technological advances had made distance a matter of mere perspective . Substitute corporate for the state and best practices with policy and the coming together and assumption of these practices that best suits the state will provide you with the illustration of the concept of policy convergence .Colin J . Bennett , in his article , What is Policy Convergence and What Causes it (1991 , posits that this illustration is merely one of the four processes that have been identified that determine convergence .Bennett pointed out that “convergence is normally associated with the range of social and economic forces produced by industrialism (p . 215 )and the illustration just given as regards global corporations did in fact support this statement . However , in matters of political and economic theories , nothing is as simple as it looks . There were different factors identified and documented as to the reasons why convergence had suddenly become a central theme . To present these ,Bennett had drawn on and referred to previous studies made and compiled four reasons as the determinants of policy convergence . It gradually becomes apparent that policy convergence is most significant only when applied to industrial societies that are economically more developed and is not much of a factor to those which have remained to be predominantly agricultural and relatively concentrated on domestic trade . This can be explained with a quote by Walt Rostow from his article The Stages of Economic Growth (1968 ) that “as societies adopt a progressively more industrial infrastructure , certain determinate processes are set in motion which tend over time to shape social structures , political processes and public policies in the same mould (cited in Bennett 1991 , p . 216 . Still , such a supposition led to further arguments and opposition as other theorists cannot reconcile this common denominator of industrialization because of certain implications such as the probability of a “convergence of communist and capitalistic regimes (Brzezinski Huntington , cited in Bennett 1991 , p . 216 ) and that it “obscures complex political and ideological factions (Castles McKinlay , cited in Bennett 1991 , p . 216 . Bennett rightly veered away from taking on these…

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