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compare and contrast the concepts of `dual federalism` and `cooperative federalism`

Dual and Cooperative Federalism Dual and cooperative federalism are two different forms of a federal government . Although both of them may seem different , both forms are needed for countries with large territories or those with a very diverse popularity . Both a dual and cooperative federalist country is basically composed of two forms of government , the national and the state . The task of the national government is to handle the affairs of the whole nation . On the other hand , the state government controls the affairs of specific regions of the country . Now the interaction between the two governments will determine whether or not a country is following either a dual federalist or cooperative federalist model of government .Here are the main differences of the two forms . In a dual federalist country , both the state government and the national government are two independent governments . The advantage of a dual federalist government is that the state government is able to focus more on it jurisdiction and prevent any intervention from the national government . This will allow the leaders of the state government to conduct more programs smoothly . The problem , however , is that the interpretation of the laws of both the state and national government may differ and cause a conflict which may prevent the whole country from developing due to a single conflict between the state and the national government . On the other hand , a cooperative federalist government gives more power to the national government than the state . This prevents any misinterpretation of the laws of either party and allows progress for the whole country . But a cooperative federalist government also has some drawbacks . Since the national government has more powers than the state ,it may create laws which it considers good for the majority of the people but not necessarily good for a specific state . This conflict may make application of certain programs slower than a dual federalist government . In my personal opinion it would be better to follow a cooperative federalist model rather than a dual one . Following a federalist model will prevent any misinterpretation of a law which can cause a civil war between the state and the nation . If we were to prevent any internal conflict in the country , then we would be able to develop our country further and lead to a more progressive country .Reference :Constitutional Topic : Federalism (Sept . 23 , 2007 . Retrieved September 23 , 2007 from HYPERLINK “http /www .usconstitution .net /consttop_fedr .html “http /www .usconstitution .net /consttop_fedr .html…

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