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Fall Protection / Construction safety

In any given workplace , the employees take on an important role to keep the industry going . Thus , the human task force is indeed essential .The welfare and safety of employees must be given much attention especially those who do hazardous jobs . Lives of those who work in the construction industry are at risk in many ways . They face the danger of falling from buildings and experiencing other accidents as well . In this aspect , the employer and the employees should then feel the gravity of knowing the rules and regulations of OSHA . Awareness of the rules doesn ‘t end with just knowing one should be able to understand all details encompassed by the standards of OSHA . The OSHA system serves as the cornerstones of safety at the workplace . Somehow , it is right to say that abiding by the system is obligatory . In the article by Richard Epp , all those mentioned earlier were tackled and the real deal behind fall protection was the highlight of the research . Common questions regarding the topic were given clarifications . The standards of the construction safety of OSH still have loopholes which give rise to confusions . Some safety rules do not touch minor details of a certain accident that may not be listed as part of the laid down examples . At first , construction companies might think that it is easy to bear with the rules . Compliance isn ‘t going to be an issue ,comprehension is . The message of the rules must be conveyed in a clear manner…

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