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Was the United States or Soviet Union more responsible for the Cold War? Was that conflict a result of mutual antagonism, or was it more the result of mutual misperception?

MyDropBox Detailed Report MyDropBox Originality Report Need help with the updated report look ? Click here .Close Paper Information Student Name :Arjane Rona Torres Class :CAS101 Save report to disk :Student Email :robertdadios gmail .com Submission :123012 Print version :Title :Was the United States or Soviet Union mo Submitted :2008-03-09 07 :27 :30 EST Matching :5 Paper ID :879862 Suspected Sources http /www .cmu .edu /coldwar /cult .htm http /ezinearticles .com ?What-Are-Top-Level-Domain-Names id 937011 Re-process the paper without these sources Paper Text Untitled Running Head : COLD WAR Responsible for the Cold War (Name (University (Professor (Date ) Responsible for the Cold War Introduction to Study When the World War II ended the world was somehow divided into two types of confronting and often contradicting systems : the imperialist and the capitalist . In this paper , I would like to analyze the history of the Cold War by looking closely at the origin of the conflict and how was it fought . This paper would proceed with a definition of the key terms , a brief history before and at the advent of the conflict , an analysis of its basis through the United States ‘ and the Soviet Union ‘s perspectives , a presentation of the events that transpire during the Cold War and finally a conclusion . The Cold War is a conflict or what some people called as a group of `proxy wars ‘ that attempts to prove the excellence and power of either the United Sates or the Soviet Union . A quick overview on the matter was well indicated in www .ibiblio .org , according to the website , the Cold War was actually an era in which the East and the West has a series of recurring and progressive tensions , conflicts and competition that may lead to a full-scale or actual war . Further it was characterized with the presence of `hostile ‘ or antagonistic `intentions between the political and military alliances . The conflict started by mid-1940 ‘s and had ended by the beginning of the 1990 ‘s . Definition of Terms The Cold War , according to Frank A . Ninkovich , ` was a contest between competing forms of internationalisms to decide which brand o f modernization would hold sway (Ninkovich , 133 ‘ To understand further , Ronald Glosop ‘s idea and definition of war explains that it `is a large-scale violent conflict between organized groups , which already are governments or which seeks to establish a government over some territory (Glosop , 11 ‘ Thus , the perception of the Cold war as a war must be debunked since it is clearly taken to be a `conflict ‘ which might at anytime lead to an actual war . The Cold War was composed not only by the United States and the Soviet Union but by their alliances as well . In this regard , the alliances of the United States consisted of countries which support the capitalist system . On the other hand , the alliances or supporter of the Soviet Union have communist or adhere to the socialist principles . An alliance therefore `is a relationship between two or more countries and /or political…

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