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Academic Intelligence vs Everyday Intelligence

Academic Intelligence vs Everyday Intelligence 2004 Many scientists underline necessity to distinguish two types of intelligence : Academic intelligence and Practical Intelligence .As far as I consider , Academic Intelligence , actually , is the very thing which allow us to study and receive good marks , and can be measured with the help of IQ tests . Academic intellect can be considered as combination of knowledge and skills which correlate to close and far goals of individual taking into consideration real environment . This is ability to solve problems , whereas Everyday intelligence is ability to achieve necessary goals , which are determined by individual .Practical (Everyday ) intelligence is so-called common sense . It is a form of experience we get during our life . Actually , we can call it a kind of adaptation . According to Sternberg (and I agree with him , this Everyday Intelligence is a mixture of three components : it is adaptation to the world , which surrounds individual in order the individual can get desired results the attempts to change this world in order to get these results , and if it is impossible , to find another environment , where these results can be achieved . For example , a person which has high culture in accordance with standards of one culture can be considered as a person which low level of culture , in another environment .Sternberg concentrates his interest in factors , which are “external ‘in relation to intelligence and that are why he focuses attention on selectivity , resource of attention , control , etc . He considers that Practical and Academic intelligences are related to sphere of interaction of intelligence with environment . Intelligence is to provide relations of individual with environment .Actually , Academic intelligence , which has in its structure perceptive ,mnemonic and thought processes with different systems of signs (numeric ,spatial and verbal ) is oriented to solving of theoretical tasks it differs from Everyday (Practical ) Intelligence by content and goal function : Practical Intelligence is oriented to solving of practical tasks .Sternberg considers that we need to distinguish Practical and Academic Intelligences , because there is possibility that individuals can have highly developed Practical Intelligence and low developed Academic Intelligence and vice versa . PAGE PAGE : PAGE 1 Academic Intelligence vs Everyday Intelligence DATE : September 26 , 2004…

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