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compare and contrtast the ACA & the AACC code of ethics

Running head : Comparison and Contrast of Two Codes of Ethics Code of Ethics Comparison and Contrast :American Association of Christian Counselors and American Counseling Association Abstract An organization ‘s Code of Ethics lays the fundamental stipulations pertinent to appropriate approaches , conduct of affairs and acceptable operations of and within an organization . To this end , both the American Association of Christian Counselors and American Counseling Association have adopted their respective Codes of Ethics . While the two organizations hereinabove cited are evidently distinct in both approach and mission , their respective Codes nevertheless exhibit strains of correspondences in the aspects of competence , inter-collegial relations and mandated standards . All these serve to protect the welfare of their clients in the ultimate analysis .Code of Ethics Comparison and Contrast : AACC and ACA The roadmap of this paper is to make a ponderous juxtaposition of the Codes of Ethics stipulated and duly implemented by the American Association of Christian Counselors and the American Counseling Association , in order to draw certain aspects of resemblances against the backdrop of their patent differences . Specifically , this paper shall try to bring into the fore discussions pertinent to only three aspects namely : areas of competence , colleague relationships and community standards . Ultimately , this paper hopes to argue that despite evident differences in approach and perceived goals , the two Codes of Ethics in question can nevertheless exhibit areas of correspondences , while maintaining their respective uniqueness just the same .Drawing Correspondences from Patent Differences It has to be firstly noted that the two counseling organizations significantly differ in implementing specific approaches to address the needs of their clients . On the one hand , AACC promises to try its best to offer or refer Christian counselors whose advanced skills and expertise are informed by Christian beliefs and norms . On the other hand , ACA does not subscribe to any religious leaning in its counseling programs . It is wise to note though that Christian counseling does not necessarily restrict the competence of AACC to handle counseling sessions beyond select Christian clients . Despite preponderance to Christian beliefs , AACC claims competence and readiness to “express a loving care to ‘ practically any type of client (AACC Code of Ethics ,2004 , p . 6 . Along the same vein , ACA boasts of a team of professionals who are able to “work in a variety of settings ‘ and “serve in multiple capacities (ACA Code of Ethics , 2005 , p . 3 . And like AACC ,ACA does strive to cater to the needs of clients coming from a broad network of backgrounds and differences putting a fair amount of dedication and effort to understand the diversity of socio-cultural backgrounds of the clients whom it serves . That being said , it needs to be further mentioned that both counseling organizations have put higher premium than most on maintaining a level of competence and expertise into their respective crafts . This can be seen in how , first , both AACC and ACA express commitment to uphold a considerable level of professional competence by making truthful claims about their otherwise defined sets of services…

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