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Does ADHD Exist?

The Existence of ADHD Over the last twenty years , the term ADHD has gone from something unfamiliar to most people to the first word that comes to mind when a person sees a child misbehaving . It has become one of the most commonly diagnosed disorders among children and is becoming a somewhat common diagnosis among the adult population .There are specific diagnostic criteria , but the symptoms of ADHD are sometimes difficult to differentiate between simple childhood misbehavior . Professionals in the mental health field have differing views of the disorder and the widespread diagnosis of it . Some professionals even question if ADHD is an actual disorder or simply an excuse given for the negative effects of modern society . The medical field accepts ADHD as a real disorder . “The U .S . Surgeon General , the American Medical Association , the American Psychiatric Association , the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry ,the American Psychological Association , and the American Academy of Pediatrics , among others , all recognize ADHD as a valid disorder (Barkley , 2006 . There are specific diagnostic criteria that must be met for a diagnosis of ADHD . The symptoms include markedly high levels of energy combined with a decreased ability to maintain attention or focus on tasks . The first symptoms usually become noticeable around the age of three or four , when it is noticed that the child has a shorter attention span and more trouble completing tasks than peers of the same age . Some of the children diagnosed with ADHD outgrow the disorder by adulthood…

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