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How do our Kids get so caught up in Consumerism

How Do our Kids so Caught up in Consumerism Introduction Young generations today at their early age are aware of the power of money . Television commercials have a lot to do with this as well as other forms of advertisements that are openly reorienting children , and attracting children to spend money for the product they are indorsing .In fact , many commercials on radio and television are often directed to seduce children ‘s appetite , which are directly or indirectly molding them to become consumerist individuals .The Influence of Society among Children Indeed , society is consumed with material things and living a good life mentality . Society is teaching children that happiness and money are directly related . Alex Russell Pequero and Stephen G . Tibbetts (2002 )noted the report of Messner and Rosenfeld (1994 ) citing that conceptualizations of the American Dream “have recently drawn attention to America ‘s fetishism for money (Piquero Tibbetts , p . 152 . Piquero and Tibbett argued that money is awarded special priority in American culture and is now “inextricably tied to the socialization of young children and adolescents , or , in their language , modern youth have been penetrated by economic motives and concerns (Piquero Tibbetts , p .152 . Children ‘s early realization of the value and power of money and access to it get kids being caught up in consumerism . Piquero and Tibbetts cited James Mcneal ‘s book , which reported that over the last thirty years , kids between the ages of twelve to fourteen double their spending . In the 1990s youth spending was tripled . As of 1997 , Mcneal reported that youth spending reached 23 .4 billion dollars but if the older youths are included , youths twelve to nineteen years old had spent 63 billion in 1994 , but the figure climbed to 94 billion in 1998 (Piquero Tibbetts , p . 153 .The Negative Impact of Television advertisements on Children Behind these huge spending of the youths , which certified their being consumerist , the question that remains to be answered is `how do our kids so caught up in consumerism ‘ Brian Swimme pointed out that kids are caught up in consumerism in gradual process through constant exposure in commercial advertisements on television . Brian noted a child will have drenched in 30 ,000 advertisements before he or she even enters first grade . Swimme emphasized that the time spends by kids in absorbing advertisements is more than their entire years in high school , which are chiefly ignored by their parents . Swimme noted that most parents believe that commercial ads are simply the effort corporations do to get viewers become interested of their product without really paying attention of its possible consequences on the children .Swimme ‘s point is that these ads shaped the vulnerable mind of the children to become consumerist , making children dissatisfied with what they have and to crave for something . What really the children get from these ads is a world-view that is founded on dissatisfaction and cravings , which produce the virus of consumerism in them . Swimme noted that no child can come out intact and…

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