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psychological analysis of film character

Introduction Good Will Hunting received critical and commercial acclaim as well as being credited for a renaissance among young American playwrights (Tatara , 1997 . Recognized for the portrayal and development of the characters , the story has been utilized in psychological and sociological studies . The story revolves around Will Hunting , a janitor working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT ) who secretly solves the math problems that Professor Gerald Lambeau , a Fields Medalist , his applied theories class . After being revealed to Lambeau as the “Mystery Math Magician , the professor sought to prevents Hunting ‘s incarceration after attacking a police officer during a brawl by volunteering to supervise Hunting ‘s probation and psychotherapy . After the failure of Hunting early therapists to connect with him , Lambeau seeks the help of Sean Maguire , a former colleague who seemed to withdraw from society after the death of his wife (Van Sant Bender ,1997 .DSM Diagnosis Hunting ‘s actual condition is not definitive in the movie . He displayed violent tendencies , difficulty in controlling emotions and developing relationships . An assessment of the character of the movie suggests that Hunting ‘s condition can be classified as Attachment Disorder (AD . Based on the DSM-IV-TR , there is a distinction between inhibited and disinhibited attachment forms , both are considered to be classified as reactive attachment disorder (RAD . There is greater distinction between forms in the ICD-10 where the latter is classified separately as disinhibited attachment disorder (DAD , however this categorization remains debated . For the purpose of this exercise , Huntington ‘s case will be considered as RAD , based on the DSM-IV-TR nomenclature . Hunting exhibits significant difficulty in trusting other people and deliberately distances himself from others except for his immediate circle of friends . Unlike other conditions that undermine socialization unthinkingly , it is apparent that Huntington ‘s state of relationships is something he deliberately does . Though he has been able to maintain close knit group of friends , represented by his relationship with his fellow Southie friends Chuckie , Morgan and Billie , he never invites them to his home and though they are aware of Hunting ‘s exceptional intellect , he never full reveals its full extent . Moreover , Hunting is often blocked in scenes apart from the group and becomes only fully engaged when prompted to do so primarily by Chuckie .Lambeau also repeatedly expresses his concern over Hunting ‘s unwillingness to apply himself to the full extent of his skills . Maguire would raise a similar sentiment using Hunting ‘s devotion to his personal reading instead of developing relationships or improving his life . It should be noted that in contrast to oppositional defiant disorder (ODD ,Hunting ‘s resistance or interaction with Maguire , Lambeau as well the first five therapists was not against their authority but rather what he perceived as a fallacy or insufficiency of their methods or arguments with him . Furthermore , Hunting ‘s ability to maintain his job and because he has no apparent problem with Terry , his supervisor is further evidence for AD (Boris , 2003 O ‘Connor Zeanah , 2003 .Hunting ‘s condition is being attributed…

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