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What is the relationship between thinking and language

The most intriguing question in the body of language is that what comes first , a word or a thought ? There are many scholars and artists have been studying between language and thoughts . Words and thoughts live through each other . One interesting realm in which to examine how this happens is that of the special class of words used for talking about the thinking processes that lead to products of thought such as ideas and theories .According to Lev Vygotsky ‘s that thought is not only expressed in words but comes into existence through them . And Emily Dickinson took this stand and added that the language of thinking makes thinking “begin to live ” by shaping and regulating conceptual development (Shari Tishman ,David Perkins 1997 . The language of thinking embraces the many ways we describe our own and others ‘ mental states and mental processes . For example , we use the language of thinking when we talk about the thinking processes involved in developing a theory , examining a claim , making a decision , or creating a work of art . We use the language of thinking when we characterize others ‘ mental states by saying things . Further ,the basic units of thinking are concepts , which are categories that help thinkers to make sense of information in the world . Concepts allow to generalize and to associate experiences and objects they also enhance memory and guide behaviors . Through concepts , the person is able to create effective problem solving since they are categories that share defining properties (Tom Arnold , 1999…

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