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RACE Model (Research, Action, Planning, Communication, Evaluation)

Running Head : RACE Model .RACE Model (Research , Action Planning , Communication , Evaluation )Name Student ID Tutor ‘s Name Course Date Abstract .Most public relations researchers contend that the importance of the role of public relations is increasing within organizations . Many public relations scholars insist that public relations managers must provide strategic counsel , take part in strategy formulation , and are able to implement strategies . There are four types of managers and strategies in the typical multi-business organization . The four levels , starting from the bottom , are functional-level managers , business unit managers ,divisional managers , and the chief executive officer and other top managers . Correspondingly , the strategies are functional strategies ,business strategies , business family strategies , and corporate strategies . The strategies at the higher levels are related to where the organization will compete , the allocation of resources , and how to strengthen the organization ‘s business portfolio . The strategies at the lower levels become more operational , cumulating in the functional level where managers are most concerned with implementing the various strategies decided at the upper levels . Moving up the hierarchical ladder in the organization , decision making becomes complex from operational decisions to more social and abstract decisions . The participation of public relations in an organization ‘s dominant coalition is perhaps more important to the profession of pubic relations than any other measure of professional growth . Public relations is a management function that is effective only if top public relations practitioners have access to management and strategic decision making ,either as formal members of dominant coalitions or as informal advisers before such decision makings . Gaining increased education specifically in the field of public relations aids the professional in public relations by giving knowledge about design and evaluation of communications programs with their strategic publics . The concept of strategic thinking is recognized as a prerequisite for planning activities within an organization and an important characteristic of managers . Strategic thinking must be a core competency of an organization , requiring that managers develop strategic insights to guide a company . There is no system , technique , or program that can help with the strategic planning process . The only necessary competency is sharp minds in touch with the situation . Successful business strategies result not from rigorous analysis but from a particular state of mind .Strategic planning is concerned with what shall be done when it comes to an organization envisioning and developing the necessary procedures and operations to achieve their goal . The existence of a plan is recognized as an essential management tool and therefore , operating from a plan is an indication of strategic behavior . The role of public relations managers in the strategic decision-making process is to be boundary spanners between organization and environment . As members of the dominant coalition , they can perform a two-way function . That is , public relations managers communicate stakeholder views to senior managers and vice versa .Introduction .Public relations is the management function that establishes and maintains a mutually beneficial relationship between an organization and the stakeholders on whom its success or failure depends (Cutlip , Center ,and Broom 1985…

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