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The Lord answered “Because you are My creation . You are my child . I will never abandon you . When you cry , I will have compassion and cry with you . When you shout with joy , I will laugh with you . When you are down , I will encourage you . When you fall , I will raise you up . When you are tired , I will carry you . I will be with you till the end of days ,and I will love you forever ” – unknown A Christian missionary is one who crosses over different cultures and shares the gospel and word of God to the unsaved (Kim , A , B , 1999 )On becoming a good and effective missionary one should be prepared and motivated emotionally , physically and spiritually by a deep and abiding compassion for the lost and dedicates his or her life to the work of the ministry . A missionary should also take into account the shape of culture he or she works in (Jos , Nigeria : Nigeria Missionary Institute ,1991 ) He must understand and appreciate the culture of other people or have a basic interpersonal skills (Hale , T , 1998 )Keeping focus on the mission is very important point that a missionary must bear in mind . A missionary should always remember and aims to win people to Christ and forming them into congregations – that is ,evangelism and church planting (Hale , T , 1998 )Missionary ‘s life is one of the challenging tasks that a human or a Christians could have . Being a missionary , one must sacrifice lots of things . However , sacrificing these possessions or plans is just a small matter compare to what God provides and sacrifice in order to save His children . In spite of trials and difficulties going on a missionary ‘s life , God provides and bless him in different ways . Self-life , self-will and self-image should be avoided , as these would generate stress and stumbling block to the mission . Denying one ‘s self , and clothing it with Christ instead would help to find relief to stress and difficulties (Hale , T , 1998 )Missionary ‘s life is hard but it should be perceived as a challenge .Holding the opportunity to serve Him will be accompanied with ,knowledge , abilities , blessings and fulfillment…

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