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Who is the protagonist of William Shakespeare`s The Tempest? Explain and give reasons for your coice.

Introduction A protagonist is typically the main or central character of a work of literature . A protagonist need only be a central or pivotal focus of a theme or cause in a literary work . In other words a protagonist can be any character throughout the work with some cause provided he or she has a lead role and an identifiable objective . The protagonist is not necessarily a hero , he can be a villain . William Shakespeare ‘s The Tempest centers on a number of key characters , one of whom is Caliban ,who is not immediately sympathetic . While his cause is not overtly identifiable it eventually comes to light after which he is easily possessed of characteristics consistent with that of a protagonist .Caliban is seemingly vile and abusive with matching physical attributes ,however , once the reader gets to know Caliban his attitude is justifiable and his physical attributes evolve into a cause for sympathy . Shakespeare ‘s Caliban is enslaved on his own island and his response to the injustice of it all is at the heart of The Tempest with the result that Caliban emerges as both a hero and a villain all at once .Background It is widely believed that Shakespeare wrote The Tempest sometime between 1610 and 1611 and was perhaps his last play . The Tempest and Love ‘s Labour Lost were the only two plays penned by Shakespeare that contained original plots . According to literary critic , Robert Sawyer ,The Tempest was largely related to literary travels existing at the time of writing . The infamous accounts of the storm that wrecked colonial ships off the Bermudian coast during the voyage from Plymouth to Virginia is believed to have featured prominently in Shakespeare ‘s mind while writing The Tempest . Shades of British Colonialism are obvious throughout the plot and character developments throughout much of the play . Caliban can easily be identified as the typical native forced into subjugation at the hands of the colonists . It is through this assessment of the play that makes it possible for Caliban to emerge as a protagonist . The instant stereotyping of the savage native is manifested in the dialogue of Trinculo who is later ship-wrecked on the island . He tells Caliban :“Thou liest , most ignorant monster : I am in case to justle a constable .Why , thou deboshed fish thou , was there ever man a coward that hath drunk so much sack as I to-day ? Wilt thou tell a monstrous lie , being but half a fish and half a monster ‘ The plot is developed around the inhabitants of an island located somewhere between Italy and Africa . The inhabitants are Prospero , a magician of sorts and his daughter Miranda together with Ariel , a spirit and Caliban a deformed monster and other surreal beings . Prospero , the former Duke of Milan escaped to the island with his then three year old daughter Miranda following a political coupe by Prospero ‘s traitor brother Antonio . Caliban and Ariel who were already residing on the island were immediately enslaved by Prospero…

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