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Compare the ideas of Pico della Mirandola and Machiavelli on the subjects of human freedom and fortune.

The Comparison of Machiavelli and della Mirandola ‘s Ideas on the Subjects of Human Freedom and Fortune Knowing the background of the two thinkers , one can easily infer that Pico della Mirandola is at opposite with Niccolo Machiavelli on the issue about the morality of man . It is because Niccolo Machiavelli is an amoral political thinker while Pico della Mirandola is a Neoplatonist and strong humanist . As stated in “The Prince , Machiavelli asserts that the prince or anyone aspiring to be a political leader must neglect the moral aspect of man ‘s individuality if it is in conflict with his endeavor in achieving his political goal . Morality is an irrelevant matter in a quest for political power . Morality will only go inside the picture if it is useful in the course of pursuing a political goal . If one needs to be good to appeal to people , one need not to be good genuinely . One must only appear to be good . The prince must do duties exemplifying qualities of goodness to demonstrate to people that he has an exceptional morality . As Machiavelli ‘s famous line stressed : “The end justifies the means , if the strategies and tactics are advantages to ones political goal , even if it is at the extent of ones wellness and advantages , it must be pursued . In Pico della Mirandola ‘s case , it is the opposite because as a humanist and a Neoplatonist between the era of late Middle Ages and early Renaissance , Mirandola believes that humans created by the Supreme Being as a creature that can define himself and can choose his destiny .Even though man is given the freedom to choose , Man must still choose to follow a divine way of living . He must be beneficial not only to himself but also the world he inhabits and must repress his appetites in order to achieve the state of being an intellectual thinker , considering matters beyond his worldly existence , to be able to unite with the most divine Being who has created him . On the issue of human freedom and fortune , one may deduce that there is only a small gap between the ideas of Machiavelli and della Mirandola .At surface , thus can be deduced but if one will deeply explore their ideas and philosophy , it is absurd to affirm such a conclusion . Being amoral , it is impossible for Machiavelli to consider the will of the Supreme Being on the issue of the individual ‘s freedom and fortune . It is because for Machiavelli , the freedom of an individual is characterized by his efficiency in employing his strategies and tactics in his quest for his political goal and his fortune is determined by his success in his political endeavor . While for della Mirandola the freedom of an individual (a human being in this case ) is to surpass his earthly existence , his entertainment of the appetite and his ideal fortune is to unite with the Supreme Being through his efforts to digress from his worldly existence .Source :Marriott , W .K…

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