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Effects on Nuclear, Biological,chemical weapons on the environment and the cost to clean up waste that they produce

Running Head (Your Name (Your School (Your Instructor (Your Course )Abstract The Environment is at stake : Weapons that draws the environment into destruction Introduction The most important gift of God would definitely be the environment .Although it does not actually comes to our senses how important this one is , we must understand and accept the fact that we are in need of protection to save the environment . When God created the whole world , he made it perfect for the people and in return , we were asked to take care of it as he did . It may not be that convincing but these worlds would probably help us realize that the environment was not just a simple world we are living in , a part of our everyday lives , not just a place that we can use and later abandon . Environment is a dear gift from the God above thus we , as human beings are in need to protect the greatest and most magnificent work he made .There is a debate when it comes to the proper use and the proper care of the environment . We cannot deny the truth that the environment are now weary and used . None of the people who used it took the chance to stand up and restore its beauty . Instead , we are destroying it more and more thus we end up making harmful things not just to the people but also to the environment .In present , there are two kinds of people in relation with the environment . The environmentalists who would keep on doing what they think is right for the environment while the other one were the people who would not stop doing ill things and would continue putting not just the environment but also the people at stake . At this point of our life , in the 21st century , the people would not stop cutting trees and at the same time killing animals . The environment advocates would also not stop to protect the environment thus they will keep on fighting for the best for the environment but until then , we would not know what will happen . We could not determine and we cannot identify the real end of this destruction .This time , this paper will not talk about the never ending issue of illegal cutting of trees or the pollution there is in the air , instead ,we will focus with a much greater threat not just in the environment but also in the human race . It does not limit its destruction to just a single aspect or portion human life or life existence on Earth , instead ,it broadens its purpose and further makes people realize that we are indeed intelligent individuals .The development of Nuclear Weapons and also both the Biological and Chemical Weapons mostly used in wars are now the greatest threat existing in our generation . The use of these weapons would result to several effects and problems which will need the help of most of the people in the world . Although the use…

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