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Slavery and its impact on the emerging nation

Topic : Slavery and its impact on the emerging nation Order : Description : Preferred language Explain the economic basis of African slavery and its impact on the emerging nation . Included the following please : 1 – Discuss the economic basis of slavery by identifying three or more economic factors that contributed to African slavery in the US . 2 – Explain the impact slavery had on the United States as an emerging nation Slavery plays a very important role in the history of America . Between 1619 and 1865 , the economy of the American continent depended hugely on slavery , and it developed as a flourishing trade . Africa seemed to be a very good hunting ground for slaves . During the search for slaves , many brutal incidents were being encountered . At first , Native Indians were being harnessed as slaves , but because they resisted , revolted or escaped , the interest slowly began shifting to the Africans . The African slaves seemed to be very useful in plantation in the West Indies and also for doing labor in the American mainland . Initially , it began as indentured servitude (providing bonded labor for a certain time period ) in Virginia (an English Colony in 1619 , but slowly it was converted to racial slavery . No laws for slavery existed at that time in Virginia , but following introduction of indentured servitude ,lifetime slavery was being recognized under the local law by the 1640 ‘s . Slaves helped in cultivating several crops such as coffee , rice ,sugarcane , tobacco , rice , cotton , etc . Slavery also helped the British , as they gained significantly from the utilization of slaves in America . Often British ships left British ports to the West coast of Africa to hunt for slaves . They even exchanged goods in return for slaves . These were then being carried over to the West Indies or Mainland America to be traded for agricultural produce . These products were then being utilized in Britain . The landowners seemed to rely more on slave practices . The law-makers also ensured that the interests of the landowners were being maintained by providing legislations that were favorable to employ slaves . These slaves seemed to be very useful in plantations and estates . Slavery had a great impact on the history of the US . In between 1776 and 1850 , dealing with slaves was done on the basis of their skin color . The dark-skinned slaves worked in the fields , whereas the light-skinned ones worked inside homes . During the 18th century democratic and humanitarian ideas began to develop in America . It emerged from the serious malpractices committed against the slaves . The French Revolution had given ideas of the importance of human rights and the need for revolt in order to secure these rights . The Quaker movement also began to discourage slavery and pronounce it as a social evil . Many Northern states in the US began to adopt anti-slavery laws in the late 18th century and the early 19th century . In Massachusetts , following the Quork Walker slave case (in 1780 , slavery was abolished in the state , and the saying `all men born free and equal , was…

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