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Compare and contrast the views on gender inequality of functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interaction theory.

Gender Inequality Society is dominantly known to be besieged by the issue of gender inequality ranging its views from both the positive and negative side .Some people do not even see the difference regarding the said issue and continue to live their own way in relation to their known social norm and values . Other on the other hand considers this issue to be significantly derogatory particularly to the female gender as this delimits their potentials and capabilities . To better understand the meaning and effect of the issue of gender inequality , one must actually equate the said concept to the general field of social psychological through considering the views of the different social field regarding it . Considering the functionalism theory , gender inequality indeed is an issue caused basically by the biological differences of the people . With this , both genders have their own purpose and they work inter-dependently with each other to acquire social stability . The symbolic interaction theory also has a similar view regarding this matter as this states that human acts on the basis of their meaning and since people have their gender differences , their meaning is also different according to their gender . In addition ,considering the view of the conflict theory , gender inequality is caused by the structural inequality on the social foundation of the human evolution . Ever since the primitive development of the society , society already has their differences according to the gender meaning this issue is already innate to the society . Aside form this , this theory also states that gender inequality is also likely caused by the competition between the two genders as they act within the dominant social structures of the society…

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