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Dorothy Smith – Sociologist

Name :Course :University :Tutor :Date :Dorothy Smith Dorothy Smith was born in North England in 1929 . At a young age she did various jobs as a secretary before realizing that she needed to study in order to get a well paying job . In the early 1950 ‘s she studied at the London School of Economics where she specialized in sociology . In 1955 Dorothy moved to the University of Berkeley where she got her doctorate (Gardiner 180 . While at Berkeley , she was exposed to sociological thinkers like Mead , Irving Goffman and Merleau . For two decades up from 1950 , Dorothy was involved in many leftist organizations and attended various anti war demonstrations . She divorced her husband when her second son was nine months and faced many difficulties and challenges raising them (classiques .uqac .ca . During her times , there was an outright gender discrimination against women . She sought the Marxist ideologies to explain the on goings and she clearly realized the differences in power on the lines of gender in the society . To her ,males dominated the most important sectors like education , politics ,medical as well as the economic field . This way , the female gender was marginalized and their interests and aspirations suppressed (Gardiner 180 . Dorothy graduated in 1963 after which she went into teaching in Berkeley , Essex and British Columbia . She continued with her institutional ethnographic studies after her retirement .As one of the renowned feminists , Dorothy argued that the society was male dominated , with the laws and the existing legal structures…

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