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Explore the contribution of Karl Marx and Marx Weber to our understanding of social stratification,classes and status groups.

Karl Marx Max Weber on Social Stratification ,Classes and Status Groups We cannot deny the existence of social structures or system by which people are categorized or ranked in a hierarchy . This people categorization is otherwise known as social stratification . It is a universal characteristic of society that persists over generations . It is a social structure by which social issues and organizational problems arise .In a society , groups of people share a similar social status , and this is known as social class . Over the years , the importance and definition of membership in any social class evolve and change between societies .Societies have become all the more dynamic because of technological advances , industrialization , and now , globalization .Contemporary societies stratify into a hierarchical system based on economic status , income or wealth , and this is known as socioeconomic class . In the past , societies have an upper class and a lower class .Those in the upper class are deemed to be the very wealthy and powerful ,while those from the lower class are the poor and the weak .Considering social changes and developments in the twentieth century ,new groups called the middle class and working class in urban societies emerged . Members of the middle class are the educated , highly paid professionals like doctors , accountants , scientists , and lawyers . They nonetheless work for or render services for the upper class . Much like the working class , they receive their wages , only they earn above the minimum wage because of the market value of their professions and skills . Their market value increases as they increase their skills and competencies . They have the chance to increase their income and eventually move up the social ladder (Krieken , et al , 2001 , p . 62 .Meanwhile , those who belong to the working class are the trades people ,factory laborers , drivers , and similar workers who has some skills training , which they use to earn a living . Although they may be considered financially stable due to regular income , they still belong to the lower class for the reason that they earn only slightly above the minimum wage .Other members of the lower class are the underemployed , unemployed ,welfare beneficiaries , homeless , and everyone else who live below the poverty line . Due to lack of education and skills , their opportunities are simply limited (McGregor , 1997 , p . 261 .Social stratification is already an intrinsic structure of any society ,and if it has its benefits and function in a society , which some scholars believe , that is reward and merit for productivity . People are rewarded for their productive efforts and skills . When we speak of reward , it does not only mean economic reward . Remember that people are also rewarded with (social ) honor and this is known as social status .Karl Max and Max Weber were distinguished theorists whose works have become the basic but significant frameworks of sociology . Their concepts prove to be relevant until today . They have provided a rich reservoir of perspectives , which help contemporary social thinkers and learners ,understand social stratification , classes and status groups . They both…

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