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If I could change one thing in the world what would it be?, and Why?

If I could change one thing in the world , what would it be ? Why ? The world has gotten too complicated . People have too many choices in their hands that sometimes they end up with the wrong priorities . This points out why there are many things today in the world that can use some changes to make lives more meaningful and worthwhile .In this regard , one thing that I would definitely change is the way people regard classical music and to make them appreciate more and benefit from the real wonders of music . More specifically , I want people in America to shift their disdain to classical music into a newfound love , so that they can enjoy the benefits it can bring to their lives . People consider any sound that is refined , stylish and mostly instrumental as classical music . It is seen more as something appreciated only by the elite or the educated . This should not be the case . Classical music , as the term connotes , is part of the classics . It consists of creations of the eighteenth and nineteenth century composers , like Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven . This type of music is usually characterized by a beautiful melody and performed by an orchestra (“The Music of Bach . Classical music , through the years , has taken on various permutations .It can also be appreciated in the variations of the art songs , opera and oratorio . The art song consists of a poem performed by a trained singer with a classical music background . The creations of the poet , singer ,composer and musician conspire for an art song masterpiece (“Lotte Lehmann Foundation . The oratorio , on the other hand , is a musical creation that has a more philosophical or religious lyrics and context .It is performed by an orchestra with the soloists delivering the story line . Opera on the other hand is the art of singing a drama accompanied with the music of an orchestra . Today , people are engrossed too much on the boisterous music of pop and rock that these classic art forms are often left to the enjoyment of a select few . The classical genres are far from being exclusive . The classical music just so happens to be not utilized and enjoyed by majority of the public . Evidently , people do not know that they are missing a lot .Why is there a need to change the perception of people with regard to classical music ? Basically , American adults should put an end to their ignorance and disregard to the classical music . Majority of the people are missing a lot by not opening their minds and considering their options with regard to this artistic creation .For one , classical music is deemed to have a therapeutic affect to its listeners . Studies show that the sound waves produced by classical music are capable of bringing harmony to the psyche of a person , thus bringing more balance to the existence of a person (Heather . Classical music can also provide good exercise to the entire brain ,thus making one more…

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