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Is the United States a melting pot or pluralist society? Discuss and defend your conclusion.

Is the United States a melting pot or pluralist society ? Discuss and defend your conclusion .The melting pot is usually referred to homogenous groups living together in a way that their cultures and religions are mixed together as ingredients in a pot and lose their dinstict identities to a certain degree giving a final product that has a unique flavor and consistency completely different from its original ingredients . Pluralism does not create a different final product . It is more like a salad bowl where the different ingredients i .e . cultures and ethinicties retain their uniqueness and flavor . Pluralism accepts and affirm diversity of faiths ,ideas , opinions of people .Factors such as Globalization , the internet , television , politics and schools have turned US into a melting pot with ethnicities and differences dying out and giving birth to a new breed of Americans . High levels of Immigration by Asians , Non-white Hispanics and Blacks have transformed United Stated from being a majority of European descendent English speaking Americans . California , Texas , Florida and New York have the most immigrants . The melting pot phenomenon also includes an intermarriage of ethnicities . The children of racial and ethnic intermarriages acquire different languages and attain different social , religious and economic backgrounds . These marriages are most common in European descendent groups . The most common are between Whites and Asians , Whites and Hispanics and Whites and African Americans . This is the important sign of assimilation .It is advantageous for the United States to maintain its “melting pot ‘status . There is nothing wrong with giving opportunities and a better way of life to life to people belonging to different countries , races and religions . This will lead to a more patriotic and nationalist society .References :Melting pot (2007 , May 4 . In Wikipedia , The Free Encyclopedia .Retrieved 08 :31 , May 4 , 2007 , from HYPERLINK “http /en .wikipedia .org /w /index .php ?title Melting_pot oldid 8 “\o “http /en .wikipedia .org /w /index .php ?title Melting_pot oldid 8 “http /en .wikipedia .org /w /index .php ?title Melting_pot oldid 8…

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