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Muslim, Islam, and American Culture

Running head : MUSLIM , ISLAM AND AMERICAN CULTURE Muslim , Islam and American culture Name :Course :Lecturer :Date :Abstract The main purpose of this paper is to explore the current experience of Muslims in America and the quest for clues as to the future interaction between Islam and American culture . In particular , I will concentrate on three areas : Islamic influence on the culture of Americans with emphasis on how it has affected political and social development the interaction between Islamic traditions and American culture on the establishment of American Muslim Organization and the social , cultural and educational trends among the Muslim youth in America .Introduction Whatever is happening to the Muslim culture in the American society and the American society as it interacts with the Islamic culture can only be comprehended by the conception of culture as a fluid entity that interacts and borrow from each other . It is important that any study of Islam in the United States must not ignore the interplay between religion and culture neither should it assume that one overwhelms the other . The experience of American Muslims puts into sharp relief matters of identity and assimilation and how they must be distinguished from the concept of values . Even with movements such as the Nation of Islam rejecting identification with the broader culture including some of the then dominant values , it accepted other values such as the work ethic and entrepreneurship . My argument is that this selective acceptance of American values was a result of a confrontation between…

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