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Personal statment, mission and philpsophy as a preschool teacher

Personal statement , mission and philosophy as a preschool teacher page 1 Personal statement , mission and philosophy as a preschool teacher Autobiography : I was born and raised in turkey . At the age of twenty-two , I have finished my BS in Social Work , that same year I had my first job in children hospital . I got married when I was twenty-three and went to USA for me to have my MS from Pepperdine University , during this time I was blessed with two children . We returned to our hometown Turkey , that was when our children were three , and four years old , the mere reason was because of my husband ‘s business . I am working with young children now as a preschool teacher for the last twenty years . My two little angles gave me the motivation and inspiration as well to pursue this career of teaching . They help me recognize the main essence of my being a parent .My parents did a very good job of building me up as a responsible ,descent and God-fearing person . I know these are the most essential values of that a human being should posses to be able to build a peaceful and loving society , a society having education as a foundation of a person ‘s childhood towards a healthful adult life .page 2 Personal mission statement :Every child has a unique character and evaluation of things around him based on what age group he /she belongs , but all are closely associated .As a preschool teacher my objectives concerns to the physical , mental ,emotional , spiritual and social development of the child .For the physical development , the toddler learns their basic body movement . Crawling , sitting , and walking to name are few . But for the preschooler they should learn the basic care for their health and the proper nutrition that they should observe . Teaching them the proper choice of their food and also informing them the basic rules in preparing their appearance is a great factor in constant evolution of their being .The mental aspect of the child includes their sensitivity and /or perception for the insight that they are being taught of . They are supposed to be guided properly in processing the information that they received so as to be more accurate in their decision making .Establishing the proper emotional being of a child is very important element for the awareness of their surroundings and how they counteract with the variety of feelings that they posses .As a preschool teacher we believed that the spiritual being of a child is a very vital component in forming their moral values and so as their proper insight on the absolute discipline that they should adhere for the betterment of their well being .Social development of a child is also an essential part of their learning ability , where in their communication and dealings with other children will equip them the appropriate identification of their role in the society .page 3 Personal philosophy statement : The philosophy regarding the early childhood education is based…

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