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Response to `A Change of Heart about Animals`

Dear Editor : Jeremy Rifkin ‘s article , “A Change of Heart about Animals ‘ is a plea to the general public to understand the unique and special qualities of animals and to treat them as we would our human brethren .He gives many examples of emotions and abilities that animals have been known to express that should force us to see them as more than just animals . The main problem with this article is that he has ignored the practical concerns of his ideas and instead insists on focusing on a non-existent world in which humans have the resources , desire and time to worry about the plight of animals . At no time in his article does Rifkin provide a practical solution to the discrepancy between our needs and animal rights . Rather , he focuses on a pathos-based emotional argument in which he gives us specific examples of animals that have overcome their limitations and are able to express abilities that are remarkably human . It appears that pigs are easily depressed when separated from their friends and denied playtime . Koko , the ubiquitous animal-rights example , is a gorilla who can communicate through the use of sign language and has a rather high IQ – for an animal . These examples are supposed to inspire the reader to worry about their feelings when waiting to be processed as food . Rifkin does not entirely depend on emotion to get his point across ,however . He appeals to our sense of logic and reason by including scientific research in his article…

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