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Sociology-Marriage and Family

Name :Course :Lecturer :Date : Marriage and Family The family is the smallest unit of the society . The popular tradition of the large preindustrial extended family had been the point of reference by almost all sociologists until the late 1960s (Janssens ,2002 :65 . It was believed that people lived together in large families prior to industrialization and urbanization . Industrialization therefore brought about unprecedented changes in the family . Among these are the changes in the structure , role and functions of the family and family members . The household was the center of numerous productive activities in which every member of the family participated . Individual aspirations in the traditional family were subject to the stability and the material interests of the family group . However , industrialization brought about the disintegration of the family group into smaller units of nuclear families composed of parents and their unmarried children (Janssens ,2002 : 90 . The productive economic function of the family vanished and the family became a unit of consumption . Patriarchy was replaced with individualism which greatly affected the relationship between generations . The structure of the family has therefore changed , developing toward a system of small nuclear family units . This modern type of family is seen to be structurally isolated from kin and neighbors to possess an intensive , heated type of family life that observes strict role segregation between husband and wife (Lehr , 1999 : 67 . Beyond this ,there have been remarkable changes in the institution of marriage .Traditionally , marriage took place between man and woman and even then ,divorce…

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